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  • The festival revolves around the pattern throughout the weekend, it looks graces the street its name, we celebrate the blessing of the animals, there are activities for children, chocolate and popular as the culmination, the traditional dance. In this old jack, typical man dressed men and women can enjoy the view of Manila shawls, beautifully decorated pieces with all the colors and details. All enlivened by local bands.

  • One of those on holiday in the area, known as tourist attractions, thousands of people congregate to enjoy the carnival. During these days the city becomes a sea color and light, the party for the party with the highlights i spectacular costume parade.

  • During the last weekend of February, will be the party of the artichoke, the River Walk. Guided tours are conducted by the Ebro delta, rent bikes, canoes and the river Ebro, in addition, provide some tickets for free admission to the Museum Ornithological whip of the House and the Regional Museum of Montsià.
    The festival will conclude with tastings of different ways to cook artichokes, for a nominal fee, prepared by the restaurants in Amposta among others.

  • One of the most famous and recognized representations of the territory with over 50 years of tradition. Representations in Catalan 9-16-30 March and 6 April.
    Representations in Castilian 13-20-27 April and 1 May.

  • 2 March - 8 June - 9 November.
    In operation since 1997, the Horse Market Amposta Fair has become an unavoidable within the equine scene Catalan. Firal Campus Terres de l'Ebre. c / Sebastian Juan Arbó, s / n. Tel 977 701 739 - Fax 977 701 650

  • Held the second weekend in September, where livestock and commercial tradition of the city, combined with the exposure of livestock choice, facilities, tools and agricultural machinery.

  • A weekend full of events around the oil and asparagus, with a popular breakfast, visit to the mill, tender asparagus and garlic mayonnaise, projections of old photographs, a fashion parade and a football match and the performance of municipal band music.

  • March 19 and Fallas week.
    Firecrackers, rockets, fireworks mascletaes, bulls and 11 Fallas monuments to burn the night in San Jose. A week of festivities with various events during the day at both the cultural and sporting festivals and the famous night.

  • Products can be found both outside and Rossell. In recent years animal exhibits ranging from industrial products, to craft gems (dining, wood and metal, etc ...).

  • Nautical Fair fisheries and marine culture of Sant Carles de la Rapita is one of the most complete of its relationship the people of the city i the Mediterranean. And of course, could also enjoy the popular kitchen, keeping as much to do with the sea. You can also visit the many events taking place, especially the race for the Alfacs Abbey.

  • Throughout the week you can enjoy festivals both afternoon and night, young carp, many cultural and sporting events, as well as traditional street bullfights where alcanarenses bring together most of the entertainment, going to lunch dinner at the so-called "carafals" or in the bars suitable for the occasion. Popular tasting steamed mussels, sardinazas ...

  • With the main protagonist and film projections to contest, several tributes and cycles, the event also has a wide and interesting schedule of activities.

  • It is the day of the fishermen. It is the feast that marks the entrance to summer tourism. Held all sorts of festive activities such as dance and procession of the pattern feature.

  • This festival of national tourism plunges the city into the Renaissance and has 60 shows, 3000 people in costume, more than 500 actors. All kinds of cultural activities, competitions, conferences ...

  • Holiday dedicated to honor the patron saint of sailors. For a few days bullfights in the port area, cultural events, popular foods, swimming competitions ... But the most exciting and spectacular, is certainly being drawn to the virgin of the temple and walks in a procession by the sea.

  • The patron saint of fishermen full of joy the dyad where do all a wide range of activities to the harbor. One of the most interesting moments is when the Mother of God is uploaded to a boat and the procession at sea.

  • In the Plaça Vella, every Friday of the month, musicians are concentrated around the planet to offer to those who wish, a special musical period of time to delight us with their guitars.

  • During the month of August every Wednesday and Thursday will installs a theater Garbi Park so that all people can enjoy a good film in the cool of the evening.

  • For about 10 days the city is paralyzed to celebrate major festivals. With a full program of events for all tastes, but where it excels as a hobby, the tradition of bullfighting in the streets.
    The musical acts are also present throughout the day with many performances of the Band, majorettes stunning, the Giants always lively, and Dolçainers Cabezudos, Havana sessions, songs of the choir and folk festivals at night, of all kinds style ...

  • This is the festival of their Cases. It is full of activities for all tastes, many of which are focused on tourism. Some of the most popular show are undoubtedly the bullfights in the harbor, popular foods, the night street parties, the choice of My Tourism ...

  • For a few days of the month some of the most representative restaurants prepare menus of the city containing the unique essence of our land, our environment. Dishes prepared with care for those who want to savor the cuisine of the Ràpita and the Ebre Delta. Feel the weight of tradition and taste of a rich and exquisite cuisine.

  • In September, the Environmental Group Rapitenc organizes this fair alternative to teach all those who are interested, the large number of natural products that we find today and are not harmful either for us or even the environment.

  • Coinciding with the festival of San Miguel, the town becomes one of the most significant periods of its long history, the Iberians. It is during the weekend market where people dress in clothes typical of their aboriginal ancestors and where merchants display their products for the enjoyment of visitors. Music, fire shows, popular activities, actors and jugglers for all ages ... Fun and fun for all streets in the old town.
    Guided tours of the site of the Muller, explanations and comments about one of the most important cultures of our land.

  • During this weekend, festivals are the traditional ride the floats of the bridesmaids and the popular bike ride to the shrine of the Mother of God. But it is at this date and with an interval of 5 years, when they celebrate the festival's five-year Alcanar and everything changes.
    The town is decked out in connection with the processions of the patron. The houses are painted, the walls are repaired, they make all kinds of decorations, either hanging on the walls and placed on the ground, many carpet made of countless ways.
    The people make the street design will look like ahead of time, collect materials, paints, flowers are made ... So come on, the town becomes a work of art impressive, though short-lived, because with the passage of the party, break the carpet, you can still enjoy them before the procession footsteps.

  • It is a major multisectoral fairs in the area and already has 12 editions.

  • Oil Fair Santa Barbara, has gained more prominence year after year and importance to become a very specialized trade fair in the sector.

  • They built 47 editions, is established as one of the most important fairs of the lands of the Ebro
    Multitudinous acts accompany this event, such as shooting competitions and drag, popular snacks, 24 hours of football, conferences, music concerts, performances, horse ...