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  • The Encanyissadais the largest lagoon in the Delta, with more than 1192ha. In this area we can find two viewpoints, a cycle lane and a children’s playground, in addition to the museum of the “Casa de Fusta” (House of Wood). Highlights landscape, ornithological, botanical and ecological value.
  • The Tancada.With an area of 312ha, it is the smaller of the two major lagoons in the Delta. It is common to observe flamingos and other aquatic species here.
  • The Punta de la Banya (Peninsula).It has an area of 2,500ha, including the “La Barra del Trabucador” (Spit). Its access is restricted except from July 15 until September 15 because it has a Natural Reserve status. A good point for wildlife watching, and also for the observation of the “Salinas” (saltworks) with their characteristic salt concentration basins (“cubetas”), where the sea water is dried out and transformed into the raw salt.