We inform you that the hotel will be closed for holidays until 01/16/2022

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  • Business Accommodation: We will try our best to make you and your partners feel at home at our hotel. You will be able to relax in our facilities (the swimming pool, gymnasium, library, etc.), and to enjoy our bar and restaurant services as well as the environment, the magnificent views and the sound of the sea. If you have to get up early, you may ask your lunch when it’s the most convenient for you. You may also freely accede to the Internet from the computer that we provide to our clients or from your own laptop vía Wifi. Find out about the special conditions for companies.
  • Business Meetings: If any of the activities your business runs (meetings, training courses, product presentations, etc.) requires a quiet place outside your usual environment, we think the Carlos III Hotel is a good alternative. We have all the amenities you might need: a restaurant, a meeting room with the capacity for 25 people in the round table style, and, besides, many places for small committee meetings and a bar service for breaks. You will also have the necessary means for your presentations. Even, if necessary, you may hold your meeting on the terrace enjoying a very relaxed and creative atmosphere. Explain your needs to us and we will tailor a budget accordingly, of course, totally unbinding for you.